About Unlocking Blockchain Africa (UBA)


Unlocking Blockchain Africa (UBA) originated from the parent company StudEx wildlife based in San Francisco (California, USA) the first investment platform for rare and endangered species after participating at the 2018 World Crypto Currency economic forum top 20 Initial Coin Offering startups in San Francisco, California.

The vision for UBA was to bridge the gap between the local African and international blockchain community through a conference platform. Having private meetings, fireside chats and gatherings between investors and founders of solutions. To then having a public open day. 

The first conference was on 25 August 2018 in Sandton Johannesburg with a reception of 550 people in attendance and 25 speakers from around the world. Esteemed speakers incl. Charles Hoskinson, First CEO of Ethereum and the founder of Cardano and Ethereum Classic; Benjamin Ramaeu, Director from Binance; Ran Neu-Ner the Crypto Trader as well as Kwame Rugunda the Chairman Of the Ugandan Blockchain Association. The second conference UBA Series 2 took place on 7 & 8 December in Cape Town in partnership with Blockchain World Summit.

The future of “ Unlocking Blockchain Africa ” is to establish a brand in the digital assets industry that is a reputable and innovation seeking organization. The organization’s aim is to be the main bridge between developed and developing nations in terms of: facilitating international co-operation, increasing technological advancement as well as championing mass scale financial inclusion throughout Africa – especially in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda.